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Academy Registration

We are so excited to welcome you into this program. It is our goal to empower you in today's workforce by equipping you with industry certifications, skill sets and career readiness skills. We have programs for people in all different situations.  Our programs are:

Virtual Program: 30 -35 hour- 1at your pace training. Portal that includes online and interactive class instruction, self-paced online books, training, and videos. Each student placed in a cohort class will have an interactive class orientation, daily classroom teaching instruction time, and teacher access if there are issues or questions via instructor classroom hours.  **

On-Site Program: 3 week on-site training that runs 4 hours a day. Includes self paced online course as well as in person instruction and hands on learning opportunities.

Once you know which program is the best fit for you you will be able to complete the registration process below. 

Once you complete the survey you will be contacted with 'Next Steps' for your workforce development journey. 

Thank you so much for choosing us to join you on your journey towards a better tomorrow.

Upcoming Cohorts:

Virtual CLA Cohort- January 17th


On-site Cohort- January 17th- Feb 2nd

Registration Pages and Forms to

Start CLA Certification Classes

1- Fill out TMWG Warehouse and Logistic Academy Registration Form  (Embedded Below)

Registration is for Cohorts starting January 17th:

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