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COVID-19 Disaster Distribution

 We'll Get Through in this Together  


TMWG is a Community Redistribution organization that works with companies to get supplies that our communities need. At a time like now with a Pandemic affecting everyone TMWG is diverting its services to be a Community Disaster Distribution Organization that will work with organizations in all of our states of service to get the items they need to help everyone thrive.


The Moore Wright Group has just opened its application for the Nonprofit (Faith-based as well) and Government Agencies to receive donations through our COVID-19 Disaster Donation Distribution Annex program.


We will overcome this and we are here to serve. If your organization has needs please reach out. If your company would like to make donations we can receive Truckload quantities and would welcome donations.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" 


` Vincent Van Gogh

  • What are the requirements
    You have to be a Recognized Tribe, Nonprofit Organization, Recognized Faith-based Organization, School District or Governmental Agency who is actively assisting the community during this pandemic.
  • What does The Moore Wright Group expect from me if awarded this partnership?
    We expect that you use this equipment properly, safely and help your community while you are helping the community. That means all items go to community members in need. No selling of the items and no using any items to create a profit or revenue for your organization. You also have to give us updates and information as to how the products are being used.
  • Can organizations not in Thurston County get assistance?
    Yes, If your organization is not in Thurston County you can pick up in our county or work with us to expand into other counties through our TMWG Annex Group. A TMWG Annex can receive donations and partner with us to get them out into your county quickly through the same process we use.
  • Your organization services more than Thurston County when can other places apply?
    We are piloting this in Thurston County Washington as the equipment we have is in Thurston County. We will be adding more types of projects like this as equipment and resources become available. Right now we have partners in Thurston, Lewis, Mason Counties.
  • Who do we contact with questions through the application process?
    The Moore Wright Group 360-207-0188 or email
  • Will you be willing to explain this to our board or community?
    Yes, contact us and we can set something up quickly, we are working on doing weekly Zoom meetings with partners on their needs.
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