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Community Projects

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 How We Serve ALL Communities


Our vision is to create communities where people can thrive.


The Moore Wright Group partners in various ways to be able to create that vision.


  • From working with DV shelters in Memphis, TN to distribute over $450,000 worth of home goods, and essentials to help survivors to be able to heal through their trauma without having to worry about how to afford the things they need.


  • To working with school districts in North Carolina to send over $100,00 worth of school supplies to assist youth in rural communities to be able to start their school year outright.


  • Or working with youth in and around food deserts to understand the importance of healthy food and knowing the farmers it comes from.


We have partnerships with various companies and organizations to get tangible goods in the hands of families who need it most.


If you are interested in partnering and you are not in our office regions please contact us. Fill out a Disaster Distribution Partnership form at the top of the page and we will get back to you. 


During the current pandemic, TMWG is working with organizations to bring much-needed supplies and relief to counties. If you are interested in applying for our program or becoming a partner, please contact us

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