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The Moore Wright Group

The Moore Wright Group History 


The Moore Wright Group was started in 2007  with the objective of helping the community have access to things they need- essential supplies, foods, education, jobs, support, and hope.


The Moore Wright Group is the brainchild of Jesse Moore, and Hattie Battle Moore to be able to help everyone thrive. The Moore Wright Group was founded on the foundation of:

 1) Strengthening families

2) Revitalizing and Strengthening our Communities,  and 

3) Restoring Hope


The Moore Wright Group is named after 2 families' last names - The Moore Family and The Wright Family.  

In 2007- The Moore Wright Group worked to help decrease recidivism through workforce development training creation, partnering with churches, and organizations in Southern VA. While working to create social enterprises that would help keep youth out of detention centers and into training programs. 

In 2008- The Moore Wright Group 

In 2009- The Moore Wright Group served over 35,000 youth fresh fruits and vegetables in a program called Healthy Eater, Future Leaders program in partnership with farmers, and a produce distribution company that served DC, MD, Va, NC, and SC.

In 2010- The Moore Wright Group worked to help communities in and around public housing with programs around education in farming, food processing, supply chains, and manufacturing, to assist 4,000 families to have access to services and businesses that can help move their families out of poverty. 

In 2011- The Moore Wright Group worked to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables from small farmers into food deserts and assisted farmers in 4 states to create systems and plans to help their farmers. The Moore Wright Group worked to create the entrepreneurial programs in communities of color in the SE.  Serving over 4,000 families. 

In 2012- The Moore Wright Group - Healthy Solutions project worked to create programs and services to assist Black Farmers and small farmers create distribution outlets while training over 5000 youth in 3 states on the importance of eating healthy. Speaking and training around food and distribution systems TMWG spoke at the UN, and the White House to discuss the needs of small farmers, and farmers of color.  TMWG distributed over 1 M pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables into food deserts.  TMWG also supported farmers in St. Thomas, and the Virgin Islands.

In 2013- The Moore Wright Group distributed over 1 M lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables into low income, communities of color in food deserts in DC, PA, NC, VA, and AL. Also connecting communities to resources and programs to assist families to have access to educational services in rural communities.

In 2014 - After doing more community assessments, TMWG realized to strengthen communities we need to service in more areas of the supply chain and not just-food. The Moore Wright Group then distributes, school supplies, socks, clothes, and toys to youth to ensure youth in domestic violence shelters had to access to items to help bring joys and hope and assist in healing. TMWG assisted over 20,000 families.

In 2015 - The Moore Wright Group partnered to assist  89.000 youth who have access to food, Christmas gifts, and school supplies in 4 states.

In 2016 - The Moore Wright Group distributes new shoes, meals  and emergent and essential goods to 112,000 youth an families in 4 states

In 2017 - The Moore Wright Group became a 501(c)3  and served 115,000 families while creating 2 main locations for distribution of products and services  Marengo County, AL, Thurston County, Wa.


In 2018- Created the Resource Connection Center, Disaster Distribution Center, and Warehouse and Logistic Academy. Partnered with 29 organizations,  and served over 133,000 families. 


In 2019 - TMWG served organizations in 5 states, became a certified Training and Assessment center to train around logistics, supply chains, and warehousing.  Partnered with 29 organizations and distributed over $4,800,000.00 in donations to help these organizations impact 265,000 families and children in 5 states.


In 2020- TMWG has initiated its Disaster Distribution Center and since COVID-19 has partnered with over 144 organizations, 39 school districts, EMS, hospitals, and tribes donate more than $5,265,400.00 of donations in tangible goods, emergency supplies, PPE, toys, food boxes, and hygiene items, serving over 560,180 families nationwide.


During the current pandemic, TMWG is working with organizations to bring much-needed supplies and relief to counties. If you are interested in applying for our program or becoming a partner, please contact us. 

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