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Warehousing & Logistics Academy

 Certified Logistics Associate  


Certified Logistics Associate  (CLA) 
CLA is a nationally portable, industry-led program that prepares individuals for entry-level basic skills and knowledge required for material handling jobs that will prepare them for certification and their career anywhere in Logistics.


TMWG Classes:
Virtual Program: 30 -35 hour- 5-day training via Zoom and online CLA Portal that includes online and interactive class instruction, self-paced online books, training, and videos. Each student placed in a cohort class will have an interactive class orientation, daily classroom teaching instruction time, and teacher access if there are issues or questions via instructor classroom hours.  **

Expedited On-Site Program: 3 week on-site training that runs 4 hours a day. Includes self paced online course as well as in person instruction and hands on learning opportunities.

Robust On-Site Program: 7 week on-site training that includes course content from Expedited Program as well as job readiness training, Microsoft Office training access as well as other life skills lessons. Includes an optional 8th week of interview training, resume and cover letter building, mock interviews and a hiring fair. This is an excellent option for those that have never entered the workforce previously or have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time.

Student Hybrid Program: Our student program will run from January 8th to June 21st and will consist of online courses for their CLA certification and access to Microsoft Office certifications. It will include on-site hands-on training on Saturdays to include the basics of logistics,  OSHA Certification, First Aid and CPR Certifications, and workplace professionalism. 

**This class is available virtually nationally if you are interested or  your region is interested please contact us, we will gladly help educate to bring hope to your community 

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“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

-Maya Angelou

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