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Wild Fires - The Moore Wright Group Disaster Distribution Center

The Moore Wright Group has added assistance to the Washington, Oregon, and California Wildfires to those we serve with The Disaster Distribution Center.

We recognize that as things are rapidly moving and needs are constantly changing as people are constantly affected. The Moore Wright Group is helping to get needed supplies to those affected by the Wildfires. We can work with Emergency Management in an affected area to get the items we have or directly set up distribution channels and times for the communities as they need them. The Moore Wright Group is also collecting NEW donations by the van or Truckload from Companies, Organizations, and Corporations.

The Moore Wright Group's Disaster Distribution Center has served more than 500,000 Washingtonians, and will continue to serve. With the Wildfires we will add additional items of

distribution to assist not just right now, but in the recovery and rebuilding phase as well. Truckloads of items are being sent to Eastern Washington next week as our second load going out, and can work with Oregon and California. We recognize that The Moore Wright Group is an organization that can quickly pivot to assist those who need it most in times of disaster.

If your community needs items, or your company wants to donate, contact us.

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