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Thank you from The Moore Wright Group!

As we are in the month of November The Moore Wright Group just wanted to stop and say thank you. This year has been a time of change for everyone, from the pandemic to election, this year has had it's times. But in the mist of everything that is going on as a organization we have been blessed to be able to step in and serve, in new ways and in ways we have always known to do. In that spirit of service we wanted to thank you, yes you!

Thank you to every volunteer who spent time distributing, sorting, palletizing, and going through donations to help families and our community.

Thank you to every funders, families, city councils, and grantor who decided that you would invest into The Moore Wright Group this year, and at this time. We say thank you

To our partners, who are doing a lot of hard work. We are grateful to every organization, tribe, school district, local agency, state agency, and church that calls us partners, to help the community to be better. Thank you!

The Moore Wright Group is grateful for the media coverage and information that is getting about the work we do and the communities we are serving. For you to take the time to speak about us and let others know our needs and heart work, we are grateful.

To every family we work with, we thank you for trusting us.

To ever company, organization and group to send us donations to support our community, thank you, we are so grateful.

Even though uncertainty maybe around us, with families recovering from wild fires, floods, COVID-19, and just everything else that is not what anyone would have anticipated. We want to send some hope to everyone. And say thank you because we are here doing this work, because of amazing people who help us to be better at what we do. Thank you!

Media coverage lately:

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