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Three projects to change lives!

Updated: May 3, 2020

The Moore Wright Group (TMWG) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to  break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and abandonment in our community by providing hope.  Our vision is to create communities where people can thrive.​ ​TMWG is not affiliated with  any denominations of churches.   

The Moore Wright Group (TMWG) has created a program called the Resource Connection  Center. The Resource Connection Center (RCC) is a resource hub that works with survivors  of abuse and abandonment, with community agencies to help survivors meet their basic  needs such as new clothing, home essentials, and hygiene items. The RCC also provides life  and work skills classes and opportunities to foster healing and create long term success. The  RCC is designed to address the social determinants of health to help survivors move out of  trauma and poverty and become thriving, healed, and self-sufficient members of the  community.

The RCC is broken down into 3 projects; ​The Resource Distribution Center​,  The Resource Bank​, and ​Experience Hope project​. In 2019 we have serviced over 22  organizations, 11 events, and 437 families with over $4,700,000.00 worth of products and  home essentials as of December 20, 2019 in 3 states.    The Resource Distribution (RDC) ​brings in and distributes new donations from retailers  to government and non-profit agencies and organizations that directly serve youth, families,  domestic violence survivors and victims of crimes to help assist their clients maintain a  better quality of life. Agencies and organizations can come to our facility and receive items  from TMWG, after completing a partner application and training. Items received can  support that agency's mission to serve others in need. The RDC also has workforce  development training components to teach youth and unemployed individuals through our  Experience Hope Project ​skills program.    

The Resource Bank (RB) ​allows for individuals and families who are survivors of abuse  and abandonment to come to our location and “shop”​ ​for basic and immediate need items.  Clients who are participants of the resource bank could receive: one time house move in  furnishing assistance, back to school assistance, holiday assistance, and birthday assistance.   

Our ​Experience Hope project​ is a prevention project of the RCC designed to instill hope  into survivors, youth through Workforce Development and skill building. Experience Hope  Project offers training, assessments, and certifications around warehousing, logistics, and  supply chains. Trade classes such as: Certified Logistics Associate / Technician, OSHA10,  Forklift Operator, and CPR and the hope for teaching Certified Forklift Technician,  Certified Production Technician, and Flagger Certification to those overcoming past trauma. 

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